Dragon Hack:

A hackathon to solve problems for real customers.

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Most hackathons start with idea pitches with little to no basis in REALITY.

The rest of the weekend is a tortured battle between the idea person's ego and reality to see who will break first.

Reality always wins.

Let's start with the customer and solve problems that actually exist.


  • Step 1 - Start with the Customer
  • The event coordinators invite real life consumers, SMBs, Enterprises, and even the US military to pitch their problems in terms of customer personas.

    ( Note: Customer personas are a specific format to describe early adopters.)

    We'll even let some VCs pitch if they have specific areas they want to invest in.

  • Step 2 - Brainstorm Value
  • Hackers, Hustlers, and Designers will break into teams around the customer personas to answer one question:

    How can we delight this customer?

  • Step 3 - Be Awesome!
  • Make an amazing experience for the customer, but make sure you're building for a real person.


    Validate the persona and the problem. Make someone smile! If you can do that without writing any code, even better.

    Final presentations will be on Sunday evening, but this is a hackathon not a beauty pageant. There will be no judges and no prizes aside from the fact that you just created awesomeness with other awesome people.


The first event will be invite only to keep the balance of Hackers, Hustlers and Designers right, but anyone can apply.

If you're an investor or a customer interested in pitching and you haven't received an invite, you can apply using the same form.

Apply for the Dragon Hack

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to find a rockstar ninja guru team to build that awesome facegoogleyelp competitor you're always been dreaming of, this is the wrong place for you. If you want to build, you listen to customer pitches. If you want to buy, you pitch.


The first event will be held in the bay area and we'll base the location on the # of participants in each of the three major locations: San Francisco, East Bay, and South Bay.


Target date is May 25th to the 27th. We'll let you know via email.